1Difficulty keeping the ball movingDifficultDifficultDifficultDifficultDifficultNo competition
2Likes to avoid backhand shots, has difficulty with placement but can keep the ball moving.Focus on setting the serve and reducing double faults.Have tried to drop the ball in the wall before hitting but it rarely works.Dared to try to get to the net but with poor results.Dared to try to get to the net but with poor results.Difficult to position yourself on the track.No competition
3More confident with basic strokes like forehand, backhand, and lob.Few double faults and dares to try to reach the net.Rarely uses the back wall.Confident in hitting the ball but the focus is on getting the ball in.You have a single variation of overhead shots and the focus is on putting the ball on the court.Beginning to understand the logic but still has difficulty positioning themselves. Often ends up where you should not be.Local/no competition