Ranking Padel at Orange Padel Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa

Ranking Padel

Participating in a RankingPadel tournament can be an incredibly rewarding experience for padel players of different levels.

So why not sign up for a RankingPadel tournament today? You will have the chance to improve your game, make new friends and have fun in the process!

Why should you consider participating in RankingPadel?

Challenge yourself: Playing in a RankingPadel tournament is a great way to push yourself to the next level. You will be playing against other skilled players who are as motivated as you are to win. The competitive environment will help you develop your skills and improve your game.

Meet other players: Playing in a tournament is a great way to meet other padel players from your neighbourhood and beyond. You will have the chance to network and make new friends who share your passion for the sport.

Improve your ranking: By playing in a RankingPadel tournament, you have the opportunity to earn valuable ranking points. The better your results are, the higher your ranking will be, which can give you new opportunities to play in higher level tournaments and competitions.

Have fun: Ultimately, padel is a sport, and sports should be fun! Participating in a RankingPadel tournament is a great way to enjoy the sport you love while challenging yourself and meeting new people.

What is RankingPadel?

RankingPadel is a tournament form where you register individually and play at least 3 sets with different players. The purpose of RankingPadel is to create good, fun and even matches on the padel court. You can choose to participate when RankingPadel is organised and there is no requirement to participate a certain number of times or with a fixed partner.

All participants start with 500 points, regardless of level. Once you join RankingPadel, you should never be set up as a participant again. Generally speaking, and very simplified, you earn 5 points for every game you win a game. For example, if two pairs start with 1000 points (total for each pair), you will earn the following points when you win a set:

  • 7-6 give 5 points to each of the winners and take 5 points from the losers
  • 7-5 gives 10 points,
  • 6-4 gives 15 points
  • 6-3 gives 20 points
  • 6-2 gives 25 points
  • 6-1 gives 30 points
  • 6-0 gives 35 points

Next, your won points are adjusted to the difference in the score between the two pairs. Finally, all players receive a small amount of money as a reward for just playing. This is not only to encourage participation in RankingPadel, but also to recognise the extra skills in playing padel that we assume you get for each set played.

The ranking model is a fairly simple formula that gives and takes points when playing padel. You also earn a small amount of points just by playing, as you also lose points if you don’t play for a while.

Please note that this ranking system is based on sets played, not matches. This means that you do not have to play a full match for a result to be recorded in this system, or if you do play a match, it must be recorded as two (or three) independent sets.

This ranking system is particularly useful when four people team up and play 3 sets in 3 combinations, this usually takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on the level and level difference between the players. You can play with advantage or golden point. The standard set is with advantage. But since many national and international tournaments are done with golden point, this is also an option. Be aware that the score is multiplied by the factor 0.7 (=devalued) with golden point compared to advantage in each game.

Please note that RankingPadel is not a point accumulation system. This means that it may not be as important for you to win every time. RankingPadel is a “give and take” system and it is socially balanced in that you will not gain many points by beating someone you are already better than. You can actually lose points if you win too little over someone where you should have won more. Furthermore, if you one day get points that may place you higher than your actual skills, you will probably lose your points the next time you play.

Be aware that the major “flaw” in this system, or difference, as we will call it, is that you are generally rewarded per game won and not per set won. You will generally earn points by losing 7-6 twice and winning 6-0. So never give up in any match! It’s all about winning games, and a 7-6 loss in much milder than being beaten 6-0.

It is important that matches are entered in the same order as they are played. In general, the last set played counts the most because all players’ points are recalculated after each set played.

This system is not about finding winners. Rather, it is about creating great padel experiences on the court no matter what level you play at. Have fun with padel. We love it!